Hello. I'm Jon Walter, a Web Developer based in Oxfordshire.

I’m a passionate Front-End and WordPress Developer. And have worked with a variety of really great people, and I would like to work with you too.

Jon Walter, A Front-End and WordPress Developer

Welcome to my Portfolio! I’m a passionate, and efficient Front-End & WordPress Developer, hailing from Wantage in Oxfordshire.

I’ve been developing websites on a professional level since 2011, and as a result have a lot of experience working with all clients big, and small, so I am flexible and able to adapt to different requirements and circumstances.

Take a look around and if you want, shoot me a message and let’s build something great together.

How I get things done

As a WordPress developer the core of everything I do is with WordPress as I think it is the most user friendly CMS which can be easily adapted to suit any specific need. Once viewed as a just a simple blogging platform it has evolved to a point where it can do a massive amount of different things (although it is still a fantastic blogging platform in it’s own right!).

If we were to compare a website to a car, WordPress would be the engine, I then build the chassis with Foundation by ZURB which gives me the ability to rapidly build a site’s structure (as well as providing me tools for some really cool features that you may want!).

And finally I paint the car and do the interior with my own ability in CSS, JavaScript and PHP, where I then hand it back to you to give it a test drive!

Featured Projects

During my time as a developer I've had the privilege of working with some very talented designers on a number of really great projects. Below are a couple of the sites I have created.

Red Cactus Events


Red Cactus Events and I worked together to build a responsive WordPress solution that has Stripe integration for events bookings.

Ridgeway Kite


I worked with Ridgeway Kite to create a bespoke WordPress website for their new branding.



I built a Responsive WordPress website for UK based charity Teams4u, this also included a way for people to donate to them directly online.

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To get in touch, simply fill in the form, or email me directly at jonwalter@outlook.com and I'll read it and reply as soon as I can! Alternatively: